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für Ihre Gesundheit.

Krankheiten schnell und natürlich heilen!
Arthrose natürlich heilen | Allergien natürlich heilen

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cbd, CBD Öl, bio cbd Tropfen schweiz kau

Die besten Vitamine, Supplemente 
und mehr zu fairen Preisen
direkt hier bestellen

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Milly Schaub - Schweiz

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bei diversen Beschwerden:

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How shampoo and Co. whirl the hormones upside downChemicals from hair care products and 
cosmetics can upset the hormonal balance, especially during pregnancy, according to a 
study from December 2021. For example, the levels of estrogen, progesterone, testosterone 
and SHBG are susceptible to interference.Author: Carina Rehberg42likesHow chemicals in 
hair care products harm hormonesBody and hair care products, as well as cosmetics, 
contain chemicals that can upset hormones, according to a study funded by the National 
Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and the National Institutes of Health and 
published in the journal Environmental Research in December 2021 ( 1 ). These are the 
following chemicals:DISPLAYPhthalatecongratulationsPhenols (e.g. triclosan)Bisphenol 
ADioxaneTriclocarbanThese chemicals can easily cross the skin barrier and enter the 
bloodstream, where they disrupt the hormonal balance. You can e.g. B. impair the 
formation of hormones or disrupt the regulation of the hormonal balance, the transport of 
hormones in the body, the hormone metabolism and the hormone binding to the target 
cells.Previous studies suggest that use of personal care products containing these 
chemicals can contribute to endometriosis and breast cancer (1).Pay particular attention 
to high-quality products during pregnancyThe hormonal balance is particularly prone to 
​become sharp, like the villager's angry dog, then more in God's name. Thyme and 
marjoram: Same procedure as rosemary, but do not mix! Basil: The fresh leaves are lightly 
pressed on with your fingers before filling so that they can fully develop their aroma 
substances. Tartuffo: Truffle oil (only based on olive oil) is best bought ready, 
otherwise you first have to breed truffle search dogs or pigs. The stuff smells 
concentrated, like rotten socks. However, a few drops under the pasta ... a real hammer! 
Delizioso. Zucchini: Wash 3 pieces thoroughly. Ideally and most tenderly they are about 
20 Aubergines (melanzane) from the oven Exactly the same procedure as for the hot 
peppers. Well, of course these were just a few examples from a huge number of wonderful 
antipasti, which find their grateful connoisseurs all over Italy, day by day and should 
encourage dear friends to get creative themselves. There is no shortage of good ideas and 
classic examples if you really take a good look at "your Italian", provided it is also a 
real Italian ... So arm yourself bluntly with a block and pencil. If you have something 
that Gottardo can hardly imagine, have any question about any of the magnificent 
preparations and, of course, belong to the genre of fair readers, then there is only one 
thing: get to the meatballs! Make, the naturally Italian waiter, the most beautiful eyes 
you are capable of. You will see that it will instantly melt like butter in the The fact 
that he is risking to get a good shit from the chef will make no difference to him, 
However, what Gottardo's male readers do to get the said secrets is up to them ... Unless 
they would follow the example of the madman who went straight to the kitchen of a very 
well-known Ristorante marched, choked the chef for five minutes and didn't even notice 
that it was actually the Tamil kitchen boy. After the general turmoil was resolved, as is 
known from reliable sources, the real chef and the spinner uncorked a bottle of Chianti 
and exchanged recipes in a good mood. That's the way it goes, of course, if you don't end 
up behind bars and want to waste your knowledge in the canteen when preparing two hundred 
kilos of spaghetti with ketchup. Let's be honest. The whole thing is not about kissing 
the most revered star chefs and the honorable chefs who look like whitewashed generals of 
a banana republic with their necklaces and medals, or pissing on their legs because they 
are on the glorious idea came to combine sauerkraut with chocolate cream. It's about 
discovering or rather rediscovering the real simplicity of cooking and the fresh 
ingredients, and not just to impress your chic friends, to set up a sinfully expensive 
designer kitchen at home, and afterwards every evening with a bag of some Mc Sowieso to 
come home. So preached enough now. Anyone who ever not only sniffs the real kitchen 
virus, but pulls it in completely, knows what is being talked about here. The taste of 
its own ITPP - Radically new way to fight cancer  A promising new therapy!  Now the 
doctors at the Swiss HPB Center Zurich are taking a completely new path as part of a 
clinical study: They promote the oxygen supply to the tumor instead of preventing it. A 
promising drug co-developed by a Nobel laureate is used for the first time in patients 
worldwide. cancer has not yet spread widely, the tumor can be surgically removed and the 
patient can usually be cured. However, this is not possible in the majority of patients 
because the tumor is already well advanced. Then the doctors treat extend the life of the 
patient, but they also accept side effects. In addition, current treatments have the 
effect that the formation of vessels in the tumors is inhibited and less oxygen reaches 
the tumor accordingly. This has long been expected to weaken tumor growth. However, 
recent studies have shown Neuer Ansatz: Sauerstoffzufuhr fördern statt hemmen At the 
USZ's Swiss Center for Liver and Pancreatic Diseases, oncologists, gastroenterologists, 
hepatologists and visceral surgeons work closely together. Prof. Pierre-Alain Clavien, 
Director of the Clinic for Visceral and Transplant Surgery and Dr. Përparim Limani from 
the Center for Liver and Pancreatic Diseases at the USZ developed a new therapy concept 
in close cooperation with Prof. Roger Stupp, Director of the Clinic for Oncology, and his 
team, which is now being tested in a study initiated by the center. This concept embodies 
exactly the opposite of the common therapeutic approach: Instead of reducing the oxygen 
supply in the tumor through the usual treatments, the oxygen uptake in the diseased 
tissue is deliberately favored. For this, the doctors use the molecule inositol 
trispyrophosphate (ITPP), that is supposed to normalize the cancer’s blood vessels in the 
tumor. They hope to increase the effectiveness of chemotherapy Drug developed by Nobel 
Prize in Chemistry, biologist and doctors Swissmedic, the Swiss Agency for the Approval 
of Medicinal Products and the Cantonal Ethics The study drug was, In this way, they can  
discovered by a research group of Nobel Prize winner Prof. Jean-Marie Lehn (chemistry) at 
the University of Strasbourg and developed in close collaboration . Dr. liter wasser, 
gesunde knochen, Then they ,Përparim Limani and Prof. Pierre-Alain Clavien have continued 
to research the drug in animal models. "The most impressive anti-tumor effects were 
observed when the drug was combined with conventional standard chemotherapy," says Prof. 
Pierre-Alain Clavien. Even if the drug was administered without a combination with other 
therapies, the lifespan had increased and the number and size of the First use in 
patients The promising cancer drug is now being used in a clinical trial in 70 patients. 
Patients with liver, pancreas or bile duct cancer as well undergo individually adapted 
chemotherapy. The researchers are interested in whether better results will be achieved 
in the patients who took the study drug. The experimental study also focuses on further 
testing the tolerability and safety of the drug. The doctors hope to gain the first 
insights in a year at the latest. Nobel laureates Prof. Jean-Marie Lehn and Prof. Claude 
Nicolau are also looking forward to the results: «It would be a great satisfaction for us 
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vitamin, kalten jahreszeit, ace hemmern,allergisches asthma,

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